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Has the time come to protect your portfolio?

“Companies have streamlined their operations so they can show gains in productivity. These developments make us positive for the economy in the second half of the year.”

– Viêt Buu, MBA CFA

Les Affaires (French Only)

April 2015

Mutual Funds : be cautious of financial markets in 2015

“These are essentially the same themes reocurring as in the two previous years, including especially the normalization of monetary policy, that will guide financial markets ahead.”

– Viêt Buu, MBA CFA

La Presse (French Only)

October 2014

Follow the VIX

“With the traction the US Federal Reserve has obtained with its QE measures to contribute to the ongoing economic recovery, we are confident about the stock market for 2014, but we should follow the VIX indicator.”

– Stephan Buu, CIM

La Presse (French Only)

February 2014

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