Welcome to CTI

Founded in 1987 , CTI is a full service broker offering securities brokerage services, institutional research and managed portfolios while investing in private equity.

Morning Comments

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Brokerage Services

CTI provides brokerage services in the fixed income, money market, and stock markets. Our elevated standards of negotiation are based on the quality and suitability of our recommended transactions, all given in confidentiality and total discretion. We keep our transaction costs at a minimum while assuring fast execution for our clients.

Research Services

CTI provides institutional research services covering mostly bond and equity markets . We also write on occasion expert reports on various financial topics of interest as requested by our clients. Our analytical approach is essentially top-down quantitative but can be adapt our style to our targeted clientele. The publishing frequency varies by research.

Management Services

CTI helps create wealth for its clients through its extensive financial market expertise . The best financial models developed by our research department have been used in the development of our three managed portfolios : CTI MultiStrategy Canadian Equity Portfolio, CTI Fixed Income Active Portfolio and CTI Global Tactical ETF Portfolio.

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